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Creative Nexus is a multidisciplinary education, training and consulting enterprise that supports and promotes the development of creativity, entrepreneurship, design thinking, innovation and lifelong learning across different fields and industries. 





With the advent of the new economy in the knowledge age, creativity and innovation alongside with entrepreneurship have become the most critical components for business competitiveness and success.  Correspondingly the work force must be current and relevant in its skills and knowledge to be able to support sustainable growth of the new economy.  Economic success will depend on the ability of the workforce to assimilate, process, synthesise and apply skills and knowledge to generate ideas and to create new knowledge for the global market place.  Lifelong learning is key to the continual rejuvenation of the work force to breed creativity and innovation in economic activities.  The learning transcends all areas of the technical, managerial, leadership, business and enterprise to build the capabilities needed to drive the new economy.


Creative Nexus offers course design and professional training for the development of creative thinking, creative problem solving, creative visualisation, idea generation, design thinking and innovation skills.  The training programmes are authentic, relevant, experiential and future-ready for the mastery of real skills for the real world and the facilitation of deep learning to adapt to the fast changing world.